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Check your Risk for Diabetes
6 Indoor Activities on a Rainy Day

Cast the gloomy spell without breaking the bank

By Rita Angela J. Fazon

Too much rain can really be dangerous to our health. But other than getting physically ill, the rain can be dangerous to our psyche too. Even when we are not at risk of flood, we tend to get affected because we then realize that constant rain can be depressing and sad.

But rainy days need to make you feel blue all the time. Rainy days can be the best time to pause for a while and spend time with yourself, away from anxieties and stress you might be feeling everyday.

So here are a handful of my best suggestions that I myself do to shoo away those rainy day blues.

Create a memory

This may sound old school but the rain tends to bring memories alive. Only that, it would really depend on what kind of memories you want to reminisce.

Why not try putting down that gadget and give yourself a chance to doodle or play with some recycled stuffs. Get a journal or make a scrap book. It’s never too late to recall the past. It can also be a wonderful time to dream for your future.

I have my fair share in cataloging the letters I received in high school. I am already in my twenty’s but it still gives me the feels whenever I open the box I made and go over the fancy letters.

Watch a good flick

Instead of listening to your sadcore playlist, open the television and choose from the latest movie trends that you weren’t able to view due to your busy schedule.

I enjoy most of my time catching up with feel-good movies when the clouds are busy crying. It calms my senses as I get to laugh, think and discover things.

Prepare a delicious and healthy meal

Most of the time, everyone at home is present during rainy days. Since classes and work tend to be suspended, the dinner table is filled with joy as the family gets to catch up with each other and share good food together.

I know you have been viewing recipes and menus over the net and magazines like me. I tell you this is the best time to pull that apron out and give the household a taste of your Mediterranean-like cuisine.

6 Indoor Activities on a Rainy Day 2

Cooking can be a stress relieving activity. This can also be a family thing as you get to bond with your siblings while preparing food. You don’t know but it can be the next family favorite!

Burn candles

My mom loves collecting scented candles. All the while I thought they were meant for displays when she would light them up when the rain seems not to stop.

6 Indoor Activities on a Rainy Day 3

Dim light and aromatic, the candles would divert our attention and give us a cozy and serene feeling despite the unpredictable weather.

Only that, this practice would add precautions. My mom would remind us to be watchful because even scented candles when left unattended can still cause fire.

Treat yourself at your favorite bakery or coffee shop

There is nothing more inviting than the smell of a freshly brewed coffee (or tea) paired with your favorite bread or pastry. Sipping your favorite drink alone does not mean you are introvert or a snob. In fact, spending time alone boosts your mental health and gives out positive vibes for yourself, especially when you are having a bad day. Have your trusty notepad and pen with you for your random thoughts while gazing outside from your table.

6 Indoor Activities on a Rainy Day 4

Help someone

I don’t know if this would help you but it gives me a lighter feeling and a great fulfillment whenever I get to discover an opportunity to help a child, comfort a family member or baby sit my neighbor’s children.

Other than visiting social networks, my mouse pointer tends to lead me to sites that would offer volunteer work and seek for help in terms of child care, rehabilitation, education and missions. It delights my heart whenever I get to extend help to someone who is suffering from an illness, with a disability or a financial challenge.

Well, don’t look far. Someone near you might need your help. It can be a relative, a neighbor or even a stranger. Try it. This rainy season might be your turning point.

Sometimes we fail to realize that we are so blessed compared to others. The blues we feel might be just a dot to someone who is months away to his last breath.

There are so many various ways to utilize the season even when it’s raining cats and dogs. Don’t let your feeling get you down and drag your day in bed.

It’s good to rest, but think of the rain as an opportunity to be fed and bloom just like the flowers. The climate has a purpose. So don’t waste that chance to discover yourself or another favorite hobby. D