Check your Risk for Diabetes
Check your Risk for Diabetes
Life gets better

Losing weight and becoming a better version of yourself take a lot of hard work, but for a determined person, anything is possible

By Regine Santelices

She was fairly content with what she had in life. Everything was in place, she had it all together and her mind was set on keeping it the exact same way.

She thought she could sit all day, watch the sun go by, shrugging off insecurities and scrutiny, ready to face the next day with a full on smile and peace in her heart.

Yanz Liwanag thought life couldn’t get any better. But life always had something up its sleeve, and it gave Yanz a new found purpose and abiding happiness that dramatically changed her existence for the better.

The ‘Biggest Loser’ aspirant

Weight was something that didn’t really bother Yanz until recently. She wasn’t the kind of girl who would deprive herself the pleasure of munching on sweets, delicacies, and mouth-watering treats.

Admittedly, she indulged herself – the almost 200 lbs she weighed was a testimony of her being a “couch potato” and poor eating habits, yet she never gave too much attention to it.

But the irony that she was a nutritionist by profession hit her hard and made her reconsider the choices she had made in life.

Having made that realization, she searched online and followed personalities who advocated health and wellness to help her discard her sedentary lifestyle. She found “The Biggest Loser”, the TV show that helps people lose weight in a systematic and natural way, without the use of diet pills.

“The program would really help, I wanted to be fit not only because of personal reasons; but also health-wise and of course because of my profession as a nutritionist,” said Yanz.

But she wasn’t able to join the program, instead she followed the pillars of the Biggest Loser, Coaches Jim and Toni Saret. And that was how she found out about the MetaFit Program.

She enrolled herself in the camp and lost almost 60-70 lbs after a year. She now weighs 135 lbs looking so happy, radiant, and gorgeous.

It was motivation and willpower that pushed Yanz to pursue healthy lifestyle and fitness goals.

Prevention is better than cure

Yanz knew that her weight was something that couldn’t be ignored.

Clinically speaking, she was obese and obesity is a predisposing factor for diabetes.

She could have had diabetes had she not started losing weight. And as a nutritionist, she knew the health risks of taking diet pills, although symptoms wouldn’t appear now, they may, sooner or later in life.

She wanted to lose weight the natural way. She’d rather sweat it all out of her system than take medication. And true to form, the fruits of her labor freed her of the risk of having diabetes and other diseases.

Life gets better 2Why the change of heart

“I want to wear nice clothes!” Yanz exclaims with a hearty laugh.

Perhaps fashion was also part of her fitness scheme aside from profession and health. Before her journey to fitness, Yanz happened to be shopping for XL clothes, since they were the only one that would fit her.

But after losing weight, she made a conscious decision to completely change her wardrobe, disposing everything that reminded her of the “past”.

Not that she was ashamed, but she was rather not to go back to the way she was before.

The real reason why Yanz wanted to lose weight was for herself and not for other people. And it wasn’t selfishness. It was an act of loving and appreciating oneself.

“Change really starts within yourself. And you will come to a point that you have to do something for yourself, for once, something for yourself and not for others”

Yanz couldn’t be thankful enough to the people who helped and pushed her to lose weight. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes days, weeks, months, and even years of hard work and willpower to achieve one’s ideal weight.

She also needs to pat herself on the back for making a remarkable change that has benefited her in all aspects of life.

She rewards herself, looks in the mirror and faces the outcome of her hard work, tips her chin up, and proudly says, “I did it.”

An inspiration to others

“Life-changing,” Yanz said with a nod, eyes sparkling as she reminisced about her experience of losing weight.

She didn’t think that losing weight could make such an impact in her life. She wasn’t prepared for the extraordinary things it brought her.

“People would come to me and ask. The changes are very apparent, most of them are surprised, pleased. And sometimes, I’d ask people in our camp if they’re okay, they’d answer me and say, ‘Makita ka lang namin na-i-inspire na kami’ (As long as we see you, we’re inspired.) It’s really heart-warming.”

She had become an inspiration to others who, just like her, had dreams of becoming the fit person that they wanted to be.

Yanz Liwanag, could be considered a beacon for others who have lost their way. She could shed light and aid others to the path she has taken, and help transform their lives. Just like hers has.

Yanz wouldn’t have it any other way. D