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Check your Risk for Diabetes
Super Snacks

6 plant-based bites to munch on

By Rita Angela J. Fazon

One’s busy and fast-paced lifestyle may give one the urge of getting hungry every now and then. For people who prefer to ditch meaty snacks (goodbye burgers and bacons!) to get them through the hungry hour, options for plant-based, vegetarian friendly choices is not that common in supermarkets and in convenient stores.

Worry no more! Whether you in the office are looking for something to eat on an afternoon break or while trekking in a mountain craving for some sweet goodies while on a trail, these healthy and plant-based snacks will surely satisfy every hungry tummy in no time.

A taste of goodness from the tropics, Coconola Vegan Granola Clusters is made with the goodness of plant-based ingredients – rolled oats, unrefined low-glycemic coconut nectar and sugar, tree nuts, and tropical fruits from the Philippines, crafted and baked in small batches to achieve that satisfying (and addicting!) crunch.

Its sweeteners are sourced locally from coconut farmers, empowering and supporting their livelihood. Each serving of Coconola Granola Clusters is packed with nourishing goodness and is a great addition to your daily fiber intake. It can be an awesome breakfast, an energizing on-the-go snack, or yummy topping to your smoothies.

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Oatmeal Walnut Super Cookies

These best-selling, game-changing, soft, chewy Super Cookies are not named super for no reason. Homemade and freshly baked with 100 percent plant-based, healthier ingredients, it is made without dairy milk, butter, eggs, or refined sugar—while still giving you that delicious cookie experience. They are also made with premium plant-based ingredients such as Oatmeal, organic chia seeds, low glycemic organic coconut sugar, coconut oil, and whole (not refined) wheat flour, to give the best quality vegan cookies with much less guilt. These are also available with holiday gift boxes you might want to plan your Christmas shopping and include this on your list!

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Oatmeal Crumble Bars

These bars are perfect as morning starters. Oatmeal Crumble bars is made with real fruit, oats, fiber & whole grains – the perfect breakfast for even the busiest person.

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Brownie Bars Double Chocolate

Real cocoa, dates and whole wheat come together in a delightfully satisfying snack. When combined with delightful cocoa, real dates, and wholesome whole grains, one get the perfect match made in soft-baked heaven.

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Margherita Pizza Kale Chips

Ditch the junk food and go for a snack that is rich in superfood, Kale.

Made with all-natural ingredients, does not contain oil, sugar, dairy, or preservatives, and organic kale sourced our very own farms in the Philippines. Kale is one of the leafy greens with the highest nutritional profile. Kale is one of the healthiest foods and considered to be a superfood with its density in nutrients like vitamins A, C, K, and vitamin B6, fiber, minerals like calcium, manganese, copper, potassium, and magnesium. It has antioxidants, contains various polyphenols and flavonoids, which are all beneficial in fighting off diseases and keeping the general health superb.

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Lentil Crackers

Lentil Crackers are hand-rolled, made of mixed lentil and rice flour, flavored with basil, and cooked in coconut oil. Naturally gluten-free made from nutritious lentil and rice flours, these crackers are a good fiber and protein source, low in fat, and a great source of iron. It also has folate, phosphorous, zinc and contains many antioxidants and is combined with only health promoting ingredients.D

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